With Sean Hannity ridiculed in a New York Times article for his keeping alive debunked conspiracy theories about the demise of Seth Rich, the Fox News pundit has become the subject of a death watch.

Such as: Will he stay at Fox News?

“Fox News Channel lent support to its best-known anchor Sean Hannity, saying Thursday that the popular host would return to its air next week following a Memorial Day holiday vacation – an effort to tamp down speculation that a controversy currently enveloping Hannity could escalate further,” Variety reported.

Several “small advertisers,” including Cars.com, are signaling they will drop Hannity’s show — “prompting comparisons to the recent exit of Bill O’Reilly,” Variety said. The Daily Beast counts seven lost sponsors.

On Wednesday, Hannity told Huffington Post that any ad losses are a sign of lefties trying to silence him.

“There’s nothing that I did, nothing that I said, except they don’t like my position politically,” he said. “They’ll try to ratchet up the intensity of their rationale. It does not justify an attempt to get me fired. And that’s what this is. This is an attempt to take me out. This is a kill shot.”

Others took their own shots:

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