Actor Johnny Depp arrives for the British premiere of the film “Black Mass” in London, Britain October 11, 2015. Photo by Suzanne Plunkett via Reuters

Johnny Depp can amend his lawsuit against his former business managers — in which the actor alleges their misconduct caused him to lose tens of millions of dollars — to add allegations that his income tax and penalties were nearly $3 million more than originally thought, a judge ruled Friday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Teresa Beaudet also said Depp’s lawyers can add allegations based on the deposition testimony of a former Management Group employee who alleges she was fired for speaking out regarding the handling of the actor’s finances.

Beaudet adopted a tentative ruling she issued in the case Thursday. The attorneys for Depp and the Management Group accepted the decision and no arguments were heard.

Depp filed his original lawsuit on Jan. 13. Depp, seeking $25 million in damages, alleges that mismanagement by the Management Group was so extensive that he has had to sell some of his assets to pay for the losses.

The poor oversight included the Management Group’s failure to pay the actor’s income taxes on time from 2000-14, which resulted in $5.6 million in penalties, the original complaint alleges.

The revised suit states that the amount of the penalties and interest is now believed to be $8.2 million, based on an expert’s review of the 53-year- old “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s 2015 federal income tax payments and his state income tax payments from 2008-15.

In March, Depp’s attorneys asked the court to allow them to amend the complaint and add the testimony from former Management Group employee Janine Rayburn regarding the alleged mismanagement of Depp’s assets. The request was granted by Beaudet.

The Management Group issued a statement regarding Rayburn’s deposition testimony.

“Johnny Depp and his counsel know that Janine Rayburn is a serial liar who perjured herself during her deposition who also lied on her resume when she applied for a job at the Management Group,” the statement reads. “Rayburn only worked at TMG for a brief time and was fired seven years ago. Rayburn fully admitted that she has no idea what conversations took place between Depp and the (Mandel Co.) regarding Depp’s financial situation.”

The Management Group countersued Depp on Jan. 31, contending the actor’s financial woes are all his own.

“Depp’s extravagant spending has often been marked by a lack of impulse control,” the countersuit states.

—City News Service

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