TV pundits have been drawing comparisons between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. Time to contrast spouses as well.

Pat Nixon was no Melania Trump in the outerwear department.

Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan wrote about the outrage over the first lady’s Dolce & Gabbana floral coat with multicolored silk flowers (retailing for $51,500).

“No one was more excited about this than designer Stefano Gabbana, who lauded the occasion on his personal Instagram with a flurry of heart emoji,” Givhan wrote.

But we’re coming up on the 65th anniversary of the career-saving “Checkers Speech” by then vice presidential candidate Nixon.

Nixon was embroiled in controversy over a fund his backers used to reimburse him for political expenses.

As Wikimedia recounts, he was met with protest signs referencing his wife: “Pat, What Are You Going to Do With the Bribe Money?” and “No Mink Coats for Nixon— Just Cold Cash.”

In the televised speech from Los Angeles on Sept. 23, 1952, Nixon disavowed mink and said he was “proud of the fact that Pat Nixon wears a good Republican cloth coat, and she’s going to continue to.”

Will Trump defend Melania’s choice of fashion?

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