Beyonce when she announced pregnancy. Image via Instagram

In the happy opposite of a death watch, Beyoncé is subject of a birth watch, with social media buzzing that Queen Be had twins Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The New York Daily News reported: “Sources at Melba’s restaurant in Harlem told us that DJ Khaled, whose new track ‘Shining’ features performances by Jay Z and Beyoncé, was spreading word on Tuesday evening that he’d heard that it was a done deal.”

Another source “who works at Jay Z’s 40/40 nightclub in the Flatiron District,” reported “buzz” that Jay and Bey had welcomed a girl and a boy Tuesday morning.

And on Twitter, one person said: “Beyoncé is in labor this is not a drill I am freaking out.”

As of noon Wednesday, no births had officially been reported.

Sample swoons:

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