Actress Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia Organa in the original “Star Wars” trilogy of movies, died of “sleep apnea and other undetermined factors,” the Los Angeles County coroner’s office announced Friday.

Fisher, 60, died Dec. 27, days after suffering a heart attack while on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, 84, died the next day from an intracerebral hemorrhage, a ruptured blood vessel in her brain.

The manner of Fisher’s death was listed as “undetermined,” according to the coroner’s office.

In addition to sleep apnea, “atherosclerotic heart disease” and “drug use” were listed as “other conditions” discovered by the coroner’s post- mortem examination.

Under the heading, “How Injury Occurred,” the coroner’s office indicates, “Multiple drug intake, significance not ascertained.”

When contacted by City News Service, a watch commander at the coroner’s office refused to comment or provide additional information about the report, saying to call back on Monday.

–City News Service

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