When his WRKZ show was canceled in 2004, Bruce Bonds was quoted as saying: “I don’t think I’m interested in radio anymore. I’m done with that.”

He eventually made a comeback — after assorted scandals and two years in prison — but might revisit that “done with that” thought.

He says he quit his latest job, at WTPA-FM in in central Pennsylvania, after his boss sent a memo basically banning on-air criticism of President Trump.

“I certainly didn’t want to leave,” Bonds told Pennlive.com. “Being in that studio, it was perfect. And I’m very sad that that couldn’t continue.”

But he wouldn’t comply with a directive from the WTPA general manager to “curtail political discussion, specifically regarding President Trump,” the site said.

While all this happened back east, there was no word if any similar orders were sent down to Los Angeles radio stations.

But in Pennsylvania, Bonds said on Facebook that “there is this really ugly political environment in this country with the current President” and that he would be unable to continue in the job if he were unable to “continue being honest to my fans & listeners.”

Bonds told Philly.com on Tuesday: “It wasn’t my agenda to talk politics, but it’s impossible to avoid the topic of Trump doing a 3-hour talk show. The fact that my bosses would censor me and not allow me to talk about this stuff is ridiculous.”

General Manager Tim Michaels had said it was against policy to “speak disrespectfully” about the president.

“Michaels wrote Bond’s actions had resulted in angry audience mail and threatened boycotts,” Huffington Post said.

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