Director Christopher Nolan‘s latest film “Dunkirk” will have the widest 70MM release in 25 years, Warner Bros. Pictures announced Wednesday.

Directors such as Nolan and Quentin Tarantino are well-known fans of the 70MM film format, which is hailed for having higher resolution and better visual impact that the more common digital showings.

Nolan is best known for films such as “Interstellar,” “Inception” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy of Batman films.

Tickets for 70MM showings of “Dunkirk” went on sale Wednesday morning. Tickets for regular showings will go on sale Friday. The film opens July 21.

Warner Bros. officials said the 70MM projection will make audiences “feel they are a part” of the action in the film’s portrayal of an effort to rescue British and Allied troops on the beaches of World War II Dunkirk. The film’s cast features Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead and Tom Hardy.

A full list of theaters in the United States and Canada offering 70MM showings is available online at

–City News Service and staff

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