Gotta Have It! Collectibles of New York was auctioning items with a rock ’n’ roll pedigree Wednesday, but not 22 artifacts of Madonna’s career.

As the New York Daily News reported: “Madonna is probably singing the praises of a Manhattan judge — who stopped an auction of her ‘highly personal items’ including a pair of worn panties, a love letter from her former boyfriend, the late rapper Tupac Shakur, and a hairbrush containing her precious locks.”

In court papers, Madonna said: “I understand that my DNA could be extracted form a piece of my hair. It is outrageous and grossly offensive that my DNA could be auctioned for sale to the general public.”

“I was shocked to learn of the planned auctioning of the Shakur letter, as I had no idea that the Shakur letter was no longer in my possession.”

But fans of the 58-year-old Material Girl can still have a piece of her.

As of noon, 127 Madonna-related items were still posted for bidding.

A spokesman for the auction house said: “Madonna’s allegations will be vigorously challenged and refuted in a court of law in due course. We are confident that the Madonna memorabilia will be back.”

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