Besides the obligatory tweets of “O.J. who?” social media reaction to O.J. Simpson’s parole followed expected lines — mashing up the news.

Too clever by half was a Jason from Cleveland, tweeting: “Breaking News: OJ commits suicide and Chester Bennington gets parole.” Or blame dyslexia.

References to the Linkin Park lead singer’s death — made public about the same time as the Nevada parole board’s decision a little before noon — were many.

“We lost linkin park but we regained OJ. Solid trade,” said one.

“Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington found dead RIGHT as OJ gets loose.??? Coincidence I THINK NOT!” said another.

But many had fun linking Simpson and the current president.

Comedian Wenzler Powers tweeted: “Welcome back OJ! To bring you up to speed, Trump’s President and two series about you murdering your wife won awards last year.”

Said Eric Prince: “Now Trump will definitely fire Session and put OJ in for DOJ.”

That thought was oft-repeated:

“Now that O.J. is going to be a free man, I’m sure there’s some sort of agency against domestic violence that Trump can put him in charge of.”

And: “Any takers on O.J finding a position with the Trump administration? Anybody?”

But the most undebatable take came from a Twitter user named RHDEVEAUX: “This OJ thing got people arguing like it is 1995.”

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