Here’s a lesson for budding entrepreneurs: Don’t ask Dan Aykroyd if he’s interested in partnering with you.

So goes the story of Robert and Rose Powers of Britain’s Isle of Wight, who thought their Bloody Hell Hot Sauce would be a good Bloody Mary match with Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.

The problem?

The couple market their sauce in a clear skull bottle similar to one used by the former SNL star.

So the New York Daily News reports: “The ‘Ghostbusters’ actor reportedly sent a letter to the couple threatening that they stop using the similar bottle and destroy their entire stock, citing trademark infringement.”

Robert Powers told the Daily News: “This is just a small family business just trying to share what we think is a good product. We aren’t even big enough to take this worldwide.”

The Daily News noted that the Powers brought on the letter themselves by reaching out to Aykroyd to discuss a Bloody Mary collaboration.

“I’m confident we can win this and allow Bobby and his family to continue to trade,” said Michael Coyle, an attorney for the Powers couple. “They are a lovely family and run a small family business.”

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