Editor’s Note: The hoax-busting website Snopes.com says the national media reports cannot be confirmed and may be incorrect.

Usher is in hot water with a price tag — a $20 million lawsuit by an Atlanta woman who says the married R&B singer gave her herpes.

R&B singer Usher. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The New York Daily News reports: “Jane Doe, as she is referred to in the suit, reportedly found out the results on Saturday and was ‘devastated.’… She increased her demands after learning the results, citing emotional distress, medical bills and punitive damages, according to TMZ.”

Further: “The suit alleges Usher never warned the woman that he was carrying the herpes virus — and she only recently learned she could be infected after reading recent reports that the ‘U Got it Bad’ singer paid $1.1 million to another woman who claimed the R&B star infected her with herpes.”

And if that isn’t bad enough, L.A. lawyer and TV analyst Lisa Bloom is after him.

In a series of tweets, the daughter of famed attorney Gloria Allred said: “It’s not just Usher. Been fielding calls about several other STD-positive A list musicians who infected partners.”

“It now seems as if … Usher will be going through the exact same hell as reality star Rob Kardashian: dealing with attorney Lisa Bloom, who is now publicly planning to come for the both of them,” said blacktimetravel.com.

“After making a name for herself via her Twitter account and speaking on the case of former stripper Blac Chyna, Bloom is now taking aim at the popular and married R&B singer over his alleged herpes scandal.”

Here’s a Twitter chain on the matter.

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