Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye. And neither did “Saturday Night Live.”
href=”″>after only 10 days, fans of the NBC show on summer hiatus were united in grief and guffaws.

“Real loser out of this @Scaramucci loss is for SNL,” said a tweet. “They never had a chance to have a go at him.”

Another said: “Condolences to all my friends working on Scaramucci impressions for their SNL auditions.”

Actors considered the biggest losers in The Mooch sweepstakes included Melissa McCarthy of Sean “Spicy” Spicer fame, lookalike Chris Kattan, former SNL player Ben Hader, Mario Cantone, John Stamps and Ben Stiller.

But hopes were high the SNL boss Lorne Michaels would be able to snag Scaramucci himself.

“I’m sure SNL will survive without Scaramucci,” said one wag. “There’s always a cameo appearance.”

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