Born and raised in Houston, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is reportedly mulling becoming a part owner of the NBA Rockets. The news is lighting a fire under the Beyhive and hoops fans alike.

Haley O’Shaughnessy of The Ringer wrote: “It’s not unusual for celebrities to become sports team owners. In fact, when the sale was announced, Beyoncé was the first prospective buyer that came to mind.”

Hubby Jay-Z once owned a piece of the Brooklyn Nets.

“He’s since sold it to start the Roc Nation Sports agency, but the couple still frequents the NBA courtside, even when the better half was like, really, really pregnant, and Beyoncé’s connection to Houston is without question,” O’Shaughnessy said. “She even has a song titled ‘Rocket.’ But it’s not about basketball, it’s about, um — just listen sometime.”

Will she invest?

“I can’t claim to know what Beyoncé will do; I’m just a simple woman who made an email in her grandmother’s name to temporarily stream ‘Lemonade’ on Tidal. But when asked what the NBA could use more of, Beyoncé is high on the list.” reported: “Rockets owner Les Alexander, a former bond trader, said last month he was selling the team amid a surge in franchise values across sports. The club’s popularity in China may push the sale price past the record $2 billion Steve Ballmer paid for the Los Angeles Clippers three years ago.”

In 1993, Alexander paid $85 million for the Rockets.

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