Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will mix and match sports Saturday in their boxer vs. UFC champ showdown in Las Vegas.

Promotional graphic for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout. Image via showtimeppv.com
But a veteran boxing writer sees a mismatch that ends up pummeling Showtime viewer expectations and wasting their money.

In nearly 1,000 words, San Diego’s Gayle Falkenthal warns viewers of being “bamboozled” that a 12-round bout will be competitive.

“The publicity tour was the real show worth watching and it hasn’t cost you a cent,” she writes in Communities Digital News. “Neither Mayweather or McGregor lack for confidence, and no cat has ever gotten either man’s tongue. … In a contest over which man is better at self-promotion, it would be a draw on every judge’s card.

“But you should in no way expect the fight to follow suit. Floyd Mayweather is a boxing genius in the ring, the best of his generation. Yes, perhaps The Best Ever. He possesses technical skills few other people who have devoted their careers to boxing have been able to duplicate.”

Falkenthal argues: “Why does anyone think a martial arts star with three losses by submission (the UFC equivalent of ‘no mas’) on his record in his own sport who’s never boxed a single professional round is going to achieve what no one else has accomplished?”

She predicts that disappointed fans will “blame boxing, blame the UFC, blame the promoters, blame the media, and blame everyone but the one person responsible: themselves.”

Falkenthal isn’t alone.

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