Luke Skywalker kicked in $100 to kick Donald Trump off Twitter.

“Stars Wars” actor Mark Hamill is one of 2,768 people in the past two weeks to support former CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson’s effort to raise $1 billion to buy a majority stake in the president’s favorite social media platform.

How much raised? As of Monday morning, about $83,000.

Hamill posted his pledge Sunday with the comment: “For someone with acute Armageddon Anxiety (like myself), this is one way to feel a little better. Good luck Valerie! xoxo, mh”

In a recent note on her GoFundMe page, Wilson wrote: “I know a billion dollars may sound like a long shot. If we hit this goal, we’ll use it to become Twitter’s single biggest shareholder and leverage that position to enforce its rules against violent threats, intimidation and hate speech.

“If we don’t hit that target but raise a lot of money along the way, we’ll use that demonstration of public support to pressure Twitter to take action against Trump — and the money raised will go to Global Zero’s campaign to prevent nuclear war. And that’s the ultimate objective here: averting nuclear war.”

She noted articles about her drive in USA Today, Teen Vogue, Newsweek, NowThis and The New York Times and said: “This campaign has really struck a chord. We’ve powerfully put Twitter executives on notice that if they refuse to enforce their community standards, we’ll step in and do it for them.”

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