What are the chances of flying to Canada’s Yukon Territory and running into Donald Trump Jr. after a moose-hunting trip?

And no Secret Service around?

And you happen to work for The New York Times Magazine?

That was the 1-in-a-trillion scenario described Wednesday by Timesman Luke Dittrich, who told of ending his Trump hunt by bagging a selfie with the eldest presidential son.

“He politely nonanswered a few more questions,” Dittrich wrote. “We went off the record and chatted a while longer, focusing on his decision to drop his security detail. He had at least an hour before boarding and said he was hungry and was going to go eat with some of his hunting buddies, who had by now joined us in the security line.

“I told him that I’d hang around till he got back and that I hoped he’d reconsider talking with me on the record. He left, and I waited.”

Dittrich paused to talk about the people fillig the airport, including “a family going to Disneyland, each of their five children wearing a Mickey Mouse hat.”

Then he resumed: “I walked back up to the eldest son of the most powerful man in the world. At that moment, it seemed to me that he had put himself in an unwisely vulnerable position. I asked again if we could talk. He said no. I asked if I could take a picture at least.”

He got the shot.

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