Things can’t get much worse than this for Harvey Weinstein.

The New York Friars Club thinks the sex scandal swirling around the ousted movie mogul Weinstein is too hot to handle.

So the old-line comedians club has called off its scheduled roast of the now disgraced Weinstein.

At the same time, Meryl Streep and Dame Judi Dench, two of the closest people personifying Hollywood royalty, expressed outrage at Weinstein’s actions.

Streep said she was “appalled” by the “disgraceful” reports. Dench said she was “completely unaware” of the “horrifying claims.”

Emma Thompson, Mark Ruffalo, Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow also expressed outrage.

And, of course, Weinstein was fired by his own company, with his brother and long-time film partner joining the firm’s board in the dismissal decision.

“Given the nature of what’s happened, that’s unlikely,” a source close to the Friar’s Club told the New York Daily News about the once-scheduled roast. “I doubt he’d allow it either. It’s a dead deal.”

Roasts have been a staple of comic TV as an “honored” guest is made fun of and humorously pilloried by big name celebrities.

The New York Daily News noted: “Entertainment Tonight reported in August 2016 that [Weinstein] would receive the club’s highest honor three months later, on Nov. 4. Weinstein accepted, telling ET ‘It’s an honor the Friars Club has deemed me worthy of roasting.’”

Too bad there isn’t an alternate venue.

Weinstein was fired after numerous allegations of attempted sexual misconduct — sometimes with aspiring starlets — came to light in a New York Times story. The Los Angeles Times then revealed at least eight legal settlements over the years have been made in sex-related case involving Weinstein.

Wikimedia reminds us of the late Friars Club of Beverly Hills founded by Milton Berle:

“It was forced to change its name in 2007 after losing a lawsuit with the New York Friars’ Club, and later closed. Its building, designed by modernist architect Sidney Eisenshtat, was demolished in 2011.”

— Staff and wire reports

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