Fox News is famously pro-Trump, but it’s even more pro-commercial success.

Seth Meyers performs his brief anti-Trump rap on "Late Night."
Seth Meyers performs his brief anti-Trump rap on “Late Night.” Image via

So when Seth Meyers is trending for doing an Eminem imitation, the conservative channel’s website jumps on board for the page views.

“The ‘Late Night’ host said his viewers should ‘get off the fence’ and pick a side between President Trump and his show, which he said ‘constantly mocks and denigrates everything about [Trump],’” Fox News reports.

The rap: “I’m Seth Meyers and I’m here to say: if you like Trump, then go away.” He then flips the bird, a la Eminem in his music video.

(On Conservative Daily: a commenter said: “Most of Trump supporters aren’t up that late because they have to get up in the morning and go to work.”)

Meyers got some answers:

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