Donald Trump. Barack Obama. Melania Trump. White House staffers. Even the news media.

What do they all have in common?

Time magazine’s 2016 Person of the Year: Donald Trump
They knew what they were signing up for.

Now that the president’s reported (and denied) remark to the widow of a fallen Green Beret soldier is in the public domain, the short-of-empathy quote is getting long exposure.

It’s also leading to a Twitter feud between Trump and Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson, whose account of the phone call with the pregnant wife of Niger-slain Sgt. La David Johnson ignited White House pushback.

Wilson also said on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday morning that Trump didn’t know the name of the service member and that his widow “broke down” after her call with the president.

“Cowanda Jones-Johnson, a family member who raised Johnson, told CNN Wednesday that Wilson’s account of the call between Trump and Johnson’s widow, Myeshia, was ‘very accurate,’” CNN said. “She said she was in the car when the call happened.”

Here’s how the phrase became famous:

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