Two veteran journalists are worried that sometime in the next week chaos will attend the release of previously secret files on President Kennedy’s assassination.

Worse, the CIA may be worried it’ll be fingered for the crime.

Trump political adviser Roger Stone, who wrote a book claiming that President Lyndon Johnson was the mastermind of the Kennedy assassination, said last week that he has been informed authoritatively that the CIA is urging Trump to delay the release of some of the JFK documents for another 25 years, Politico says.

“They must reflect badly on the CIA even though virtually everyone involved is long dead,” Stone is quoted as saying on his website.

Philip Shenon and Larry Sabato in Politico added: “At worst, especially if the White House blocks the release of some of the files, this month’s document release will simply cement the idea among the nation’s army of conspiracy theorists that, 54 years after those gunshots rang out over Dealey Plaza, the truth about the assassination is still being hidden.”

They said the National Archives blame “processing” delays for why it scrapped a plan this year to release the documents in an “orderly fashion, in batches, over the course of the summer and early fall.”

Instead, everything will be released at once — possibly on the deadline day, Oct. 26.

“Those who are sure that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone are eager for vindication and new jigsaw pieces to fill the void spots in the puzzle. So are those who blame the mob, Fidel Castro, the Soviets or the military-industrial complex,” said a Dallas Morning News report.

“Lost on neither camp is the fact that the authority to decide which secrets to keep sealed for another decade or more rests with a president known for indulging conspiracy theories.”

Trump plans to be in Dallas for a campaign fundraiser on Wednesday — the day before the deadline — the paper noted.

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