Jordan Klepper opens fire on NRA for fearing the word ‘guns’

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Jordan Klepper’s grandfather was a member of the National Rifle Association, but that doesn’t stop the star of Comedy Central’s “The Opposition” from gunning for the NRA.

Jordan Klepper on “The Opposition.” Image via
Klepper, reprising the old Stephen-Colbert-as-conservative act, took aim at an NRA video featuring spokeswoman Dana Loesch of TheBlaze “spitting spicy word fire” as usual.

As HuffPost noted: Klepper “mock-praised her ‘thoughtful approach,’ citing this bit of hyperbole from Loesch: ‘We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president and the people who voted for him … in American history.’

Klepper replied: “True, four presidents have been assassinated, but that’s nothing. Imagine if instead of shooting Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth had written a think piece for The New Yorker calling him impulsive. America may never have healed.”

Klepper also had a hard time finding “guns” mentioned by the NRA.

His theory for the omission?

“The NRA knows you don’t bring a gunfight to a culture war,” Klepper said.

In June, the Michigan native made “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns,” which Rolling Stone called an hour-long special in which Klepper plays a caricature of a self-righteous liberal journalist looking to snatch up the nation’s firearms.

“In the course of an hour, he embeds himself with Georgia’s Three-Percenters Militia, hosts a Bachelor-like reality competition to find a lovable moderate gun owner and gets his adrenaline up on an extreme shooting range.”

In a Q&A, Klepper told Rolling Stone: “Guns is something I’ve always been interested in. I grew up, my grandfather took me out shooting guns. They were a part of his lifestyle, he was a hunter. So as a Midwesterner, I had a relationship somewhat with guns, even though I wasn’t a gun kid.”

Also: “I didn’t go hunting …. I was nervous about that. But we would go out to the sand dunes and shoot at hubcaps. My grandpa was an NRA member, and one of my fondest memories of my grandpa is he would always wear a Guns ‘n Roses hat. Not because he had any idea about the dangerous qualities of an autumnal rain, but because he loved guns and he drank Four Roses whiskey. Those were his two favorite things.”

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