Louis C.K. dragged over coals, draws kudos after sex confessions

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Comedian Louis C.K.’s admission that “these stories are true” brought a flood of condemnation as well as commendation.

Louis C.K. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

“I don’t condone what Louis C.K. did, but his apology is they way a man should apologize,” said one man on Twitter, adding references to others accused of sexual misdeeds: “Mr Weinstein, Mr Moore and all the others should take note.”

Another said: “I’m sorry ladies, but if you are more upset with Louis CK than you are with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump or Roy Moore, then you need to step back and evaluate.”

Ted Kirby wrote: “Deficient as it is, Louis CK’s mea culpa shows the power of victims sharing their experiences — and journalists and the public believing them, however belatedly. Keep it up.”

Others kept up the chatter:

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