Tim McGraw, Faith Hill urge ‘common sense’ on guns

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 2009. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Country music fans may need a scorecard to keep track of their stars’ stands on gun control. The latest to share their liberal stripes are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“Look, I’m a bird hunter — I love to wing-shoot,” McGraw told Billboard a week ago. “However, there is some common sense that’s necessary when it comes to gun control. They want to make it about the Second Amendment every time it’s brought up. It’s not about the Second Amendment.”

Said his wife, Hill: “In reference to the tragedy in Las Vegas, we knew a lot of people there. The doctors that [treated] the wounded, they saw wounds like you’d see in war. That’s not right. Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including the government and the National Rifle Association, to tell the truth. We all want a safe country.”

Shortly after the Las Vegas shootings, country-western guitarist Caleb Keeter of the Josh Abbott Band tweeted “I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd Amendment my whole life. Until the events of last night. I cannot express how wrong I was.”

But the Country Music Association didn’t touch the subject of guns at its recent awards show.

Scattershot reactions:

There you have it country fans. Never give Tim McGraw another dime again

In fact the Left has ruined Nashville really. Tune out their awards shows. https://t.co/KeN47e8omx

— Tom Paine (@PaineMason) November 10, 2017

Country Music stars who are trash now.

Carrie Underwood
Brad Paisley
Tim McGraw

Gonna be shunned faster than the Dixie Chicks

These goofs will never learn so they know most.of their fan base is conservative what a bunch of morons.#giddyup goofball has beens

— 🅾️🇭🇴🇺🇷❗ (@__0HOUR1_) November 10, 2017

Thank you Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for bravely speaking up https://t.co/X95fQXdiB4

— Paul Reggio (@PaulReggio1) November 10, 2017

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw came out against the NRA today, so spare me the TSwift is protecting her brand by being apolitical hot takes lol

— Connor Goldsmith (@dreamoforgonon) November 10, 2017

This is what #Hollyweird does to you. Shame on @FaithHill & #TimMcgraw pic.twitter.com/lcM6f5JMQA

— Right Feels Right (@WalterW11819415) November 10, 2017

‘From behind his body guards’: Tim McGraw pleads for ‘common sense’ gun control https://t.co/dFIvFOSxAq

— Joe FreedomLover🇺🇸 (@JoeFreedomLove) November 10, 2017

I will no longer listen or play any Tim McGraw or Faith Hills music due to their comments on gun control and their beliefs. They have rights under the 1A but I have the same rights and my 2A rights supersede their 1A rights

— Jeff Hearn (@hearn_jeff) November 10, 2017

Hey Tim McGraw, it IS about the Second Amendment!

— Brian Vasquenz (@BrianVasquenz) November 10, 2017

I guarantee you that if I showed up at Tim McGraw’s house, uninvited, to discuss “common sense” gun control ideas, I would be met at the (large) gate by a man with a gun. #RulesAreForTheLittlePeople

— I am Bo (@stateofbo) November 10, 2017

It’s great to hear more and more voices of reason speaking up. Thank you Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. https://t.co/lMv1Ky7zom via @people

— WomenAgainstGunViol (@WAGV) November 10, 2017

No military buys AR-15s @TheTimMcGraw. You should research the subject before you opine.

You are disenfranchising many of your customers, fans and others in the country music industry. #gunsense #FridayFeeling

— schotts (@schotts) November 10, 2017

I do believe if Country Music stars speak up on Trump, GOP hate & hypocrisy, & gun control, we can get our country thinking reasonably again.

Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Take Aim At The NRA And Demand Gun Control: “It’s not about the Second Amendment.”https://t.co/PRD3GXspFJ

— Mattison (@Mattison) November 10, 2017