Stephen Hawking a sex abuser?

Matthew Linn of Seattle has taken down a post on his new website alleging that the famed physicist “took advantage” of “Gabrielle J. Kelley, who was 22 at the time of the alleged incident” in 1994.

Kelley supposedly said: “Although it’s very old, the memory still haunts me. I felt so powerless for so long because Hawking is so intimidating and held in such high stature in the academic community. I felt that no one would believe me.”

Turns out the account was unbelievable.

Linn posted an apology on “This is absolutely fake news. This website was abused by another contributor and used to peddle fake news. I was shocked to find out that someone would do such a thing as it has the potential to damage peoples lives and reputations.”

“The contributor has since been removed. I apologize for this breach. I in no way support this type of satire as it ruins the credibility of real and serious accusations.”

He concluded: “No student has come forward to allege sexual harassment by Stephen Hawking; the story was a complete hoax.”

Of course, Hawking (who spent time at Caltech in the mid-1970s) would have a hard time being a molester.

He’s had an ever worsening Lou Gehrig’s disease since 1963, when he was 21.

A related post also was taken down.

Later, Ben Goldstein wrote, saying he had published the Hawking hoax on

“Matthew Linn played zero role in this whatsoever,” Goldstein said. “I made this spoof article as a joke to share with some friends and get some cheap laughs.”

He added that he intended no harm to Linn, Hawking or anyone else.

“What I am most concerned about is the reputation of Matthew,” Goldstein said. “I want to reiterate that he played zero part in this. This was my mistake and I own it 100 percent.”

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