Steve Harvey announced the correct Miss Universe on Sunday night — Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

Miss USA Kára McCullough of Washington, D.C.
Miss USA Kára McCullough of Washington, D.C. Image via Facebook
But the game-show host who famously got it wrong in 2015 will never forget how he was schooled by Miss USA in 2017.

Kára McCullough of Washington, D.C., who made the finals at the Las Vegas event, asked Harvey a question when she was announced as a top 10 contestant.

As USA Today noted, Harvey introducing McCullough with: “I know that you are a (scientist with the) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with a degree in chemistry. I can’t read the rest of that question because I don’t know what none of that is.”

The “overly happy” McCullough replied with: “Actually, I want to give you a pop quiz. Do you know where radium is at on the periodic table?”

She continued: “Radium is actually one of my favorite elements because it was founded by the mother of radio chemistry, Marie Curie. And as a radio chemist, I advocate for so many children in S.T.E.M. and women in leadership positions and that’s the mission of a Miss Universe.”

Others in the top 10 besides the eventual winner were Miss Thailand, Miss Spain, Miss Colombia, Miss Brazil, Miss Canada, Miss Philippines, Miss Venezuela and Miss Jamaica.

Miss USA won top marks from science, math and engineering advocates.

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