To Rush Limbaugh, the momentous guilty plea of former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is ho-hum, non-news.

“Right, and for that we are told that Flynn’s gonna just indict everybody. He’s gonna flip on Trump and Ivanka and Jared and Barron and Donald Jr. and Eric and their wives and Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon,” Limbaugh said Friday.

“He’s just gonna dump on everybody. But I’m telling you, folks, this is a pile. You just heard [ABC’s] Brian Ross indicate that Flynn’s prepared to testify that Trump told him to talk to the Russians. That is exactly what transition team members do.”

The conservative talker returned repeatedly to President Obama.

“Again, it was Obama who hated Flynn. It was Trump who fired Flynn for lying. It was the Obama administration that unmasked Flynn during surveilled phone calls with the Russian ambassador. Obama never fired Flynn. Obama hated him, but he never fired him.”

Barack Obama hasn’t issued a reaction via Twitter. Yet.

But whatever joy he’s feeling can’t touch that of other Trump critics.

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