Hillary Clinton wasn’t really singing backup on the “Yearly Show” special from the “The Daily Show” folks.

Hillary Clinton “sings” in cameo during “The Yearly Show” with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. Image via YouTube.com
But Clinton is being called a scene-stealer in a cameo with Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan during the “Song for Women 2017.”

“Clinton’s appearance in the song may have been brief, but she made the most of every moment,” said Laura Bradley in Vanity Fair.

“She’s the one who brings the song home in the end by belting her notes in the studio. (Her appearance appears to have been recorded during her ‘Daily Show’ appearance in November; she’s wearing the same suit, anyway.)”

Of Lydic and Sloan, Vanity Fair says: “The former played a pitch-perfect, obnoxious parody of white feminism, while the latter rolled her eyes. … And yes, their song was better than Keith Urban’s tribute to women — even as D.J. Mansplain busted in to break down why the backlash against men wasn’t totally fair. (Surprisingly, he was not played by Matt Damon, but instead by The Daily Show’s own Michael Kosta.)”

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