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Still of Paul Walker in ‘Furious 7.’ Photo credit: Scott Garfield/Universal Pictures

The widow of the man who died with Paul Walker in a 2013 high-speed crash in Santa Clarita is asking a judge to close her late husband’s estate, saying there are no further assets subject to probate administration.

Court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Kristine Marie Rodas, who was married to Roger W. Rodas, state there is no longer any need to keep the estate open in the wake of a settlement earlier this year of a lawsuit brought by the “Fast and the Furious” co-star’s father, Paul Walker III. He sued Kristine Rodas and her husband’s estate in March 2015, seeking the return of vehicles his son kept in a car collection.

“The lawsuit has been settled in its entirety and the administration of the estate of Roger W. Rodas is now ready to be closed,” Kristine Rodas’ court papers state.

All debts and taxes have been paid by the estate, according to her court papers. A hearing on her petition to close the estate is scheduled for Jan. 26. A related hearing scheduled for Wednesday was canceled by Judge Daniel Juarez.

Kristine Rodas opened the estate after Paul Walker III initially filed a $1.8 million creditor’s claim in November 2014 that she rejected the next month, prompting the filing of the lawsuit, her court papers state.

The actor’s estate and Paul Walker III brought the lawsuit in March 2015 against the estate of Roger Rodas and Kristine Rodas. It sought a return of the cars the actor and Rodas co-owned before their deaths, when the autos became the exclusive property of the estate of Paul Walker, according to the complaint.

Walker owned about 30 cars in the collection that he stored in a Valencia warehouse, but only a portion were co-owned by him and Rodas, the suit stated. The cars sought from the Rodas estate may have been collectively worth about $1.8 million, according to court papers filed by lawyers for the Walker estate.

Among the cars the actor’s estate sought from Rodas’ estate were an Audi R8, a 1969 Ford Mustang and a 1970 Dodge Charger, the suit stated.

Paul Walker III is the executor of his son’s estate.

Walker, 40, and Rodas, his friend and business partner, died after Rodas lost control of a Porsche Carrera GT, which crashed into trees and a utility pole before exploding in flames on Nov. 30, 2013.

—City News Service

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