Conan O’Brien went to Haiti to get the other side of the s—hole debate. But instead of hearing Donald Trump cursed out, the TBS host found (or supplied) cutting humor.

Conan O’Brien with Haitian in recent visit for TBS special. Image via
A TBS special starting Saturday was previewed with clips of Haitians (and a Norwegian lady living in Haiti).

“We have beautiful golf courses here, Mr. President,” says one. “Please come cheat on them.”

Says another, appearing to be reading his lines: “If we are poor, it is because we are all graduates of Trump University.”

One woman sends a “message of love” to America’s leader: “Oprah, we love you!” And another answers the question of why the president doesn’t like Haiti: “We have books!”

And the Norwegian in Haiti?

“I would like to immigrate to the USA,” the blonde says, “after 2020.”

The Haitian visit is part of O’Brien’s “Conan Without Borders” series, which included Mexico last year.

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