By tradition, the official White House portrait of a president is revealed after you’ve left office — as was the case Monday with Barack Obama. But Donald Trump defies tradition.

Donald Trump "official portrait" as imagined by Jimmy Kimmel
Donald Trump “official portrait” as imagined by Jimmy Kimmel. Image via
So Jimmy Kimmel on ABC and dozens of others on social media have unveiled their own depictions of the current commander-in-chief.

The Kimmel version shows the body of Adonis — or is it Arnold Schwarzenegger? — with the head of Trump.

“Poor Mike Pence had to check himself right into conversion therapy,” Kimmel said.

Here’s how others see Trump’s official portrait — with themes emerging of fast food, feces emojis and plain old royalty.

“Amy, I want to thank you for so spectacularly capturing the grace and beauty and intelligence and charm and hotness of the woman I love,” said President Obama, thanking the artist.

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