Jennifer Lawrence isn’t plotting a real-life “Hunger Games” attack on her political foes after all. After telling interviewers she was taking a year off to “fix our democracy,” the story unraveled.

“On Friday, Entertainment Tonight reported that the Oscar winner was planning on taking a year off from acting to focus on activism,” EW said. “However, a representative for Lawrence exclusively tells EW that she will return to work when one of several projects in development is ready to go.”

In fact, IMDB says Lawrence has seven projects in development, “including an untitled film with Amy Schumer, Ron Howard’s Zelda Fitzgerald biopic ‘Zelda,’ Adam McKay’s ‘Bad Blood,’ Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Burial Rites’ and more.”

But right-wing media had a field day with her statement that “I’m going to take the next year off. I’m going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent.Us … trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level.”

The 27-year-old “Red Sparrow” star added: “It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy.”

Despite the almost instant pullback, the story of her year off took off.

Some didn’t get the follow-up memo.

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