A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring actress and singer Mandy Moore was unveiled Monday, eight days before the season finale of the NBC drama she stars in, “This Is Us.”

“This Is Us” creator Dan Fogelman and Shane West, who co-starred with Moore in the 2002 coming-of-age romantic drama “A Walk to Remember,” joined her in speaking at the 11:30 a.m. ceremony at 6562 Hollywood Boulevard.

Some of Moore’s “This is Us” castmates also attended the ceremony.

The star was the 2,658th since the completion of the Walk of Fame in 1961 with the first 1,558 stars.

Born Amanda Leigh Moore on April 10, 1984, in Nashua, New Hampshire, Moore and her family moved during her childhood to Orlando, Florida, where she was raised. Moore decided she wanted to pursue a career in singing after seeing a production of the musical “Oklahoma!”

Moore performed the national anthem at several sporting events in the Orlando area as a child and became known as the “national anthem girl.”

Moore first came to national attention as a recording artist in 1999 when she was 15 years old with the release of her debut album, “So Real,” which reached platinum status in three months and included the Top Ten single “Candy.”

Moore’s second and third albums, “I Wanna Be with You” and “Mandy Moore” both reached gold status. Her single “I Wanna Be With You” was on the Billboard Hot 100 for 16 weeks.

After supplying the voice of a bear cub in the 2001 film comedy “Dr. Dolittle 2,” Moore made her live-action acting debut portraying a popular cheerleader in “The Princess Diaries,” also released in 2001.

Of landing her signature role on “This is Us,” Moore said, “I knew that I had more to give as an actor and a performer and a human being. I was so hungry for a challenge and I was seeking something more colorful and creative, something I knew people wouldn’t expect from me. Once again it took a visionary to see beyond the box and the borders that define us. Dan Fogelman understood what I was capable of, and he gave me the push I needed to walk through the door of opportunity.”

Moore received a Golden Globe nomination in 2016 for her portrayal of family matriarch Rebecca Pearson on the show.

She will be among the stars of “Midway,” about the World War II naval battle, set to be released Nov. 8.

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