A judge Tuesday issued renewed warnings to a billionaire hologram producer facing trial for allegedly sexually harassing a former employee in the workplace to stop lashing out at the plaintiff and her lawyer and to cease using inappropriate language in the courtroom.

“This is the third time I’ve warned you,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christopher Lui told Alki David during pretrial motions in plaintiff Elizabeth Taylor’s lawsuit. “You need to conform your language.”

The judge said he may sanction David if he continues with such behavior.

David told Lui he was angry at Taylor’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, who he said had posted three tweets comparing him to Jeffrey Epstein, the financier accused of trafficking girls for sex who committed suicide in jail on Saturday. David told the judge he resented reading about “parallels between me and a pedophile.”

“I have a right to defend myself,” said David, who is acting as his own attorney in the case. Two attorneys are representing David’s companies, which include Hologram USA.

“This is a scam,” said David, who vowed to take legal action after the Taylor trial against Bloom’s mother, Gloria Allred, and Bloom’s co-counsel, Arick Fudali. Allred also represents clients who have sued David.

“I’m going to take him down for his lies,” David said of Fudali, who accused the businessman of following him into the restroom and threatening him and another Bloom firm attorney. “I will go after Allred in ways you people can’t imagine. They should all feel threatened.”

Fudali told Lui that David that in addition to his taunting, David wrote homophobic messages to him. David and Fudali have sat next to each other at the counsel table.

Taylor, who was sitting in the courtroom, showed no reaction when David uttered some of his profanity-laced statements toward her.

David complained that the judge was admonishing him for a word now permitted on television, but Lui responded that the eight-letter word referring to animal excrement was “not permitted in this courtroom.”

Most of the proceedings this week were monitored by a deputy sheriff. At Bloom’s request, a deputy escorted her, her legal team and Taylor out of the courthouse during Tuesday’s lunch break.

Taylor was a witness in the trial in April of Chasity Jones’ case against David. She testified her former boss once picked her up by the ankles and walked her upside down around the office, exposing her underwear.

Taylor further said during the Jones trial that she was hired as an account executive in January 2015 by one of David’s companies and was fired in June of that year. Describing other alleged harassment by David, she said he once walked up from behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders without her permission while she was at her desk. David then played a pornographic video on her computer that involved two women, Taylor said.

On yet another occasion, David brought a man dressed in a police uniform who was actually a stripper, Taylor said.

David also once tied Taylor to a chair with computer wire, she said.

Taylor said the David’s companies did not have a human resources department, so she eventually complained to one of the executives about David’s alleged misconduct.

The executive blamed Taylor for what happened and refused to take a written statement from her, Taylor said.

Bloom told Lui on Monday that she has dropped plans to call former supermodel Janice Dickinson as a “me too” witness in the Taylor trial. Dickinson recently settled her defamation suit against Bill Cosby through his insurance company; Dickinson alleged the comedian drugged and raped her in 1982.

David was behind the hologram technology that brought slain rapper Tupac Shakur to Coachella in 2012 and saw the late Michael Jackson moonwalk at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

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