“All Rise,” described by executive producer Sunil Nayar as “an ensemble show that takes both a hopeful, intense and comedic look at the legal system through the points of view of many different people who participate in it,” premieres at 9 p.m. Monday evening on CBS.

Creator Greg Spottiswood said he was seeking to do a series on the justice system and was sent a copy of “Courtroom 302,” a nonfiction book about one year in Chicago’s Cook County Criminal Courthouse.

“I was really struck … by the fact that it was multiple perspectives and … that it was an act of empathy, that it was driven by the idea that the justice system is built for and meant to serve the clients, the people who are there as defendants, the people who are there as victims of crime or associated with that,” Spottiswood said last month at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

Spottiswood said he “threw out the white male judge from the book and we created the character of Lola,” a black woman, “and we peopled our ensemble with the people of Los Angeles.”

Spottiswood said he sought “a really aspirational tone” for “All Rise,” “where we mixed the heartbreaking and the heartwarming and humor.”

“We wanted to create a show where a judge could do a pratfall and still speak from her heart and fight for justice,” Spottiswood said.

“All Rise” stars Simone Missick as a newly appointed Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Lola Carmichael who had been a deputy district attorney.

“Lola Carmichael is a woman that we have not seen on TV in this kind of role,” Missick said.

“When we see judges, they’re normally in the back of our legal system. And this character was a woman who was vulnerable and flawed and still dealing with emotions, but also extremely capable and smart and has a very strong sense of who she is and what she wants to see happen.”

The cast also includes Emmy winner Marg Helgenberger as Supervisory Judge Lisa Benner; Wilson Bethel as a deputy district attorney who is Carmichael’s best friend; and Tony winner Ruthie Ann Miles as the judicial assistant in Carmichael’s courtroom.

“One of the things that characterizes this group of actors is their dexterity, the idea of being able to switch tones, to be able to go from that sort of procedural mode and be credible as judges and as lawyers and bailiffs but still be able to play that dramatic scene with a comic rhythm and find that wry sense of humor,” Spottiswood said.

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti is a consulting producer on “All Rise.”

“We talk to him every day … about stories and credibility and how to turn a real story into a fictitious one that has drama that we can do in 42 minutes,” Spottiswood said.

Nayar described Garcetti, who was a consulting producer on the TNT police procedural “The Closer” and its spinoff, “Major Crimes,” as someone who “knows everything about the law who also understands how to tell a story.”

“I’ve worked with other consultants before who only know their side of things and they’re rigid,” said Nayar, who had been a producer of “CSI: Miami.” “He will offer solutions that are still legally legitimate but that are smarter and better than the things we’re already doing.”

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