Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock brought a joint court action Wednesday alleging dozens of companies are using their images to promote beauty products without their permission.

The unofficial Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit does not name any of the companies by name. But the suit states the actress and celebrity show host hope to stop the entities from tricking consumers into signing up for monthly subscriptions to products they have never even heard of and do not support.

“The filing of this action … will allow plaintiffs to conduct discovery of various persons and entities to determine once and for all who is responsible…,” the suit states.

The right of publicity suit seeks unspecified damages.

DeGeneres and Bullock recognize that most Internet and advertising celebrity endorsements are not “fraudulent scams,” the suit states. However, those that do so without their permission are counterfeit, according to the suit.

The suit cites examples of the products the pair say have been promoted using their likeness, including Bella Pelle Wrinkle Cream, Alessa Serum, Elliesse Serum, Lavish Skin Care, Life Cell Skin Care, Glovella.

The lawsuit includes a copy of an ad depicting DeGeneres in which she is quoted as allegedly saying she refuses to wear much makeup and that thanks to Elliesse Serum, she doesn’t have to.

DeGeneres did not make the statement and has never used the serum, the suit states.

Another ad shows a photo of Bullock with a caption asking, “Sandra Bullock Leaving Hollywod (sic) to Focus on Lifestyle Brand?”

The ad is “completely made up,” the suit states.

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