A Los Angeles judge ruled Monday that portions of a document filed in connection with a lawsuit brought by a location manager, who alleges Johnny Depp punched him during the 2017 shoot for “City of Lies,” will be sealed because it includes information about client-therapist interactions.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly Fujie issued her decision after attorneys for both the actor and plaintiff Gregg “Rocky” Brooks agreed that quotations and discussions of the deposition testimony of Brooks’ therapist, Terre Bridgham, should be shielded from the public to protect the plaintiff’s privacy.

The alleged assault took place in April 2017, when Brooks told Depp they only had one more shot. Brooks alleges the actor followed him and screamed, “Who the (epithet) are you? You have no right to tell me what to do.”

Brooks alleges Depp, now 56, punched him twice, then said he would pay the plaintiff $100,000 to “punch me in the face right now.” Brooks says Depp’s bodyguards then removed him from the set.

The document at issue involves a challenge by Depp’s attorneys to the decision by Brooks’ lawyers to have Bridgham testify at trial about his mental condition and history.

“Defendants contend that Ms. Bridgham lacks the qualifications and specialized knowledge sufficient to give expert testimony on these matters,” the Depp attorneys state in their court papers. “However, to defendants’ knowledge, (Brooks) has not made any public filings in which he has disclosed the details of his private conversations with his therapist.”

Brooks’ attorneys filed court papers agreeing with the decision to seal portions of the defense document.

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