Half of the confirmed coronavirus cases in the NBA and NHL could be linked to Staples Center, which hosted more than 30 sporting events after the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Los Angeles County, according to a report out Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Staples Center hosted 39 events after the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in the county, including the memorial service for Kobe Bryant, the Grammy Awards, two nights of bull riding, 12 Los Angeles Kings hockey games and 19 games involving the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers.

At least eight athletes who played in those games have been diagnosed with COVID-19, including four members of the Brooklyn Nets — the Lakers’ final opponent before NBA games were suspended — two Lakers and two members of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators.

The Times story notes that as of March 8, when the Lakers and Clippers played a game at Staples, the NBA had sent a memo to the general managers of its arenas encouraging them to increase reminders to fans about personal hygiene and suggesting a range of measures to ensure the cleanliness of their buildings, such as sanitizing cash registers and door handles.

Anecdotal evidence from sports reporters attending those games, including postgame press conferences, suggest that many athletes, staff members and fans were not yet taking the danger of exposure as seriously as they should have.

Staples Center, which hosts about 250 events each year and has up to 1,700 part-time employees at games, installed 120 hand-sanitizing stations throughout the arena, including in locker rooms, on March 1, the Times reported. Arena management followed that up with added cleaning procedures, including adding 85 additional workers to conduct postgame cleaning.

Areas that visitors or staff touch were cleaned regularly, including ATMs, doorknobs, elevator buttons, escalator rails, food service areas and point-of-sale terminals. The arena also purchased disinfectant products and new equipment to minimize the spread of germs in its five locker rooms, 48 restrooms and slew of other private and public areas.

All Lakers players were tested for the virus on Wednesday, and two unidentified members of the team tested positive.

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