The Latino Theater Company announced Thursday it will operate the city-owned Los Angeles Theatre Center in downtown Los Angeles through 2056, after the city extended its contract an additional 30 years.

“We are incredibly honored that the city continues to put its trust in the Latino Theater Company,” artistic director Jose Luis Valenzuela. “We understand the responsibility this represents, and are thrilled to know we have a home and can continue our diverse cultural programming for the next three decades.”

The company has managed the theater ever since it was awarded a 20-year lease in 2006. It programs theater, dance, musical and other performance arts presentations in the building’s five theater spaces. In 2013, the city added an amendment to the agreement that recognized the company’s time running the theater as “effective first-class theater center operations.”

At the end of 2020, Los Angeles added another amendment to the agreement to extend the company’s tenancy through 2056.

The Latino Theater Company works to provide a world-class arts center, a laboratory for both tradition and innovation and a place where different cultures, people and ideas can converge and contribute to the future, according to a statement.

It is also responsible for the building’s maintenance and expenses.

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