Julianne Nicholson and Evan Peters — Emmy winners for their supporting roles in the Kate Winslet-led limited series “Mare of Easttown” — said the mood among the limited crowd at Sunday evening’s award show was “joyful” and “happy.”

Nicholson, who played a tragedy-stricken mother in the dramatic series about a young girl murdered in a small Pennsylvania town full of secrets, said, “I think the mood is really joyful and celebratory and upbeat, and people feel like they’re all there to just support each other and cheer each other on … I’m having a blast.”

Evan Peters, who played a detective on the case, agreed.

“I think everybody’s just happy to be back in the company of other people,” Peters told reporters.

Both praised Winslet, who was also producer on the series.

“She’s just phenomenal. I would just give this (Emmy) to her,” Peters said, calling Winslet “the best scene partner I could ever ask for and an amazing human being.”

Nicholson was asked backstage how she would rank winning an Emmy against working with Winslet.

“I’ll take the work with Kate any day,” she said. “We got to know her really well. She took such good care of us, and I know we all learned from her everyday, and that’s more valuable, I would say.”

Peters said it was great to work with such emotionally challenging material, while Nicholson said the response to the show has been a big part of the reward.

“The way people seem to have fallen for it so deeply has been incredibly moving to me,” she said. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and that’s been very gratifying.”

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