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If you dread Valentine’s Day and aren’t too crazy about a big dinner and a night of athletic sex, you’re not alone.

A new “Relationship Confessions” survey found 44 percent of women “do not expect to receive any gifts or special dinners to mark the occasion,” and 34 percent would rather watch TV than have sex on the big night.

Despite all that, top Los Angeles restaurants are already sold out for Valentine’s Day dinner. Providence in Hollywood, Melisse in Santa Monica and Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills are just some of the pricey eateries that probably won’t let you in that night if you haven’t yet made a reservation, although Mastro’s still had an available table at the decidedly unromantic hour of 4:30 p.m.

Even a lot of women in relationships aren’t looking forward to Feb. 14, as 41 percent of them “report dreading Valentine’s Day more than any other holiday.”

If you think a big, romantic dinner readies a woman for a night of intimacy, think again. According to the survey commissioned by epi24, the makers of the Womanizer intimacy product line, 34 percent of the women would rather watch television. But even if women are agreeable to sex, many are pretty conservative in bed:

— 43 percent of women do not want to try anything new or daring.

— 94 percent of women will be particularly averse to bondage.

— 35 percent of women say they most look forward to “cuddling.”

The survey reportedly showed that 28 percent of women looked forward to foreplay and only 21 percent focused on “climax.”

The survey found that 69 percent of women “want more give and take when getting in the mood.” According to Womanizer’s representative, Morgan Rossi, “partners should consider using a sex toy.”

Rossi said that women become aroused quicker when using a sex toy, which can create a more pleasurable experience for both people.”

What should men never do? “Do not sing to your would-be paramour, (as) 40 percent list serenading as the corniest V-Day gesture ever. At 21 percent, rose petals on the bed is a distant second.”

“If you’re looking to maintain a strong relationship, keep in mind these two words: communication and trust.”

Despite all those numbers, details of the survey — such as number of women, geographic location and methodology — were not provided.I

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