Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Metro announced Thursday that it has contracted with a Chinese company to build 64 new rail cars for the Red Line and Purple Line to be used to replace existing ones and for a planned extension into Beverly Hills in 2023, with some of the manufacturing done locally.

“Today Metro is bringing yet another rail car manufacturer to the region to help build the trains we need to keep L.A. moving,” said Metro Board Chair John Fasana in reference to an earlier deal with a different company to assemble light rail vehicles in Palmdale. “We are making good on our commitment to wisely invest in transportation projects that directly benefit our local workforce and economy.”

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation has committed to delivering the first pilot vehicle by the spring of 2020, and the entire 64 subway cars by September 2021. Metro also may exercise up to five options to buy an additional 218 subway cars.

The total value of all the cars is $647 million, and will be funded by a combination of local and federal sources, including funds from Measure R.

Metro said the contract will create approximately 50 local jobs and generate up to $38 million in local wages and benefits.

A new facility will be purchased in the L.A. area to manufacture major components for the cars, while the exterior shells will be built in the company’s facility in Changchun, China, with final assembly being done in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Metro said the contract exceeds the federal government’s “Buy American” provisions, which require 60 percent of component parts be American- made.

— City News Service


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