The Southern California Gas Company logo. Photo from Southern California Gas Co.
The Southern California Gas Company logo. Photo from Southern California Gas Co.

Southern California Gas Co. reminded customers Monday that Thursday is the final deadline to register for this winter’s Smart Thermostat Program.

The program gives customers up to $75 in incentives to register an ecobee or Nest smart thermostat to conserve natural gas for home heating this winter. Smart thermostats give users the ability to remotely control their home’s temperature via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer; and some are controllable with virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

“Smart thermostats are a great way to save money on natural gas bills, especially during the colder weather we’re having now,” said Dan Rendler, the utility’s director of customer programs and assistance. “The energy cost savings, combined with our Smart Thermostat Program incentives, plus $50 in rebates, make this a great time to buy one of these thermostats.”

Customers participating in the program agree to allow minor adjustments to be made to their thermostat temperature settings for a few hours on days when SoCalGas calls a Natural Gas Conservation event, which helps lower the risk of possible natural gas shortages when demand is at its highest. Participants are notified at least two hours before any adjustments are made via their smart thermostat, web portal, mobile app and/or email.

Owners of ecobee or Nest-registered devices with natural gas-heated homes in SoCalGas’ service territory are eligible to participate in the Smart Thermostat Program, with the exception of those enrolled in Southern California Edison’s Save Power Days summertime electric demand response program. SoCalGas and SCE are working on a process that will allow dual-enrollment across both programs by next winter.

SoCalGas customers who enroll in the program will receive $50 for signing up by March 1 and another $25 for staying enrolled through the duration of the program, which concludes on April 1. The incentives can combine with a $50 purchase rebate on a smart thermostat for a total of $125 in savings for customers who take advantage of all three.

Customers who participated in the SoCalGas Advisory Thermostat Program with ecobee devices last year will receive $25 for their full participation in the Smart Thermostat Program this year.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, SoCalGas serves 21.7 million customers in Central and Southern California. Its service territory spans 22,000 square miles from Fresno to the Mexican border, reaching more than 550 communities through 5.9 million meters and 101,000 miles of pipeline.

–City News Service

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