Hollywood Burbank Airport served nearly 6 million passengers in 2019, an increase of nearly 14% from the previous calendar year, when almost 5.3 million travelers took flights to and from Burbank, airport officials reported Monday.

December was a particularly busy month at BUR, with a total of 554,520 passengers traveling through the airport, an increase of 19.21% over the 465,154 passengers in the year-ago holiday period.

Commercial aircraft operations increased 9.57%, and general aviation operations increased 9.61% when compared to December 2018, airport officials said.

The airport’s top three airlines in December based on passenger count were Southwest Airlines (391,386), Alaska Airlines (44,690) and American Airlines (35,875).

“BUR has reached a milestone by serving 5,983,737 passengers in calendar year 2019, surpassing calendar year 2007 of 5,921,336 passengers with 6,891 fewer air carrier operations,” said Frank Miller, executive director of Hollywood Burbank Airport. “Since 2007, the airlines have introduced larger and more efficient aircraft on most of their routes, resulting in less aircraft operations while allowing passenger growth.”

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