The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday in favor of exploring the possibility of giving public transit users priority entry at security checkpoints at Los Angeles International Airport.

“For passengers at LAX, traffic congestion and long TSA lines are a real nuisance,” said Councilman Bob Blumenfield, who authored the motion. “What better incentive is there at LAX than getting to cut the long security lines? It’s a win-win for passengers and a good opportunity to encourage ridership on the upcoming Crenshaw LAX rail line.”

This incentive would focus on diverting commuters to the Los Angeles Metro rail and bus lines, the LAX Flyaway Bus, municipal transit providers or privately operated, scheduled bus services.

Blumenfield said a similar program has already doubled ridership on the Logan Express for Boston Logan International Airport.

Los Angeles World Airports will report back to the City Council on the feasibility of creating such a program.

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