The Los Angeles Ethics Commission announced Friday that the expenditure ceiling for the City Council District 10 general election has been lifted.

The expenditure ceiling is lifted and no longer applies in a particular City Council race when either a candidate not participating in the matching funds program spends more than the expenditure ceiling, or independent spending communications to support or oppose a single candidate in one race total more than $86,000.

Currently, independent spending in the CD 10 general election race totals $131,126.

Candidates who participate in the city’s matching funds program must limit their campaign spending in both the primary and general elections.

For the upcoming Nov. 3 general election, the expenditure ceiling for participating City Council candidates is $537,000.

To date, independent spending in the amount of $130,977 has been reported in support of candidate Mark Ridley-Thomas, who is not participating in the matching funds program.

As a result, the expenditure ceiling has been lifted for candidate Grace Yoo, who is participating in the matching funds program. Independent spending in support of Yoo is at $149 for the general election, according to the Ethics Commission.

Independent spending occurs when a person incurs certain costs for a political communication that supports or opposes a candidate or ballot measure and the communication is not coordinated with or authorized by a candidate.

At this point in the election, a person must report independent spending and provide a copy of the communication to the Ethics Commission within 24 hours of making or incurring the costs.

Additional information about the candidates, independent spending and political communications in the CD 10 general election is available at

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