Cedars-Sinai Medical Center officials circulated a photo of an unidentified patient Tuesday who arrived at the facility on June 16, in the hope of connecting him with much-needed social support and, potentially, with family members.

The man is white, about 65 year-old, 5-feet-6 inches tall, weighs 177 pounds and has gray hair, a full beard, and blue/gray eyes. He is unable to fully open his right eye. He has a scar over his spine, moles over his body and is missing multiple teeth.

He may have ties to the San Diego area, and might be known to some as Ian Whitcomb, with possible surnames of Ciro Lin, Whitcombcirolin, or Dela Croix, officials said. He could have a birth date in October 1955.

“Now that we have taken care of his medical needs, our goal is to help him secure social services such as housing and food assistance,” Cedars-Sinai social worker La Kisha Hooker said. “But that means he needs an identity. We hope someone from the public sees his photo and gets in touch so we can help our patient.”

Anyone with information about the patient is asked to contact La Kisha Hooker at 310-423-1709.

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