A defamation suit filed against rapper Trae Tha Truth by the mother of his daughter, alleging he maligned her reputation on Instagram and used the girl as a pawn in their dispute, has been dropped.

Lawyers for plaintiff Heather Cuevas filed court papers on May 20 with Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Valerie Salkin, asking that their client’s lawsuit against the singer be dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be revived later. The court papers did not state whether a settlement was reached or if Cuevas was not pursuing the case for other reasons.

In his court papers, the rapper’s attorney, Kenumi T. Maatafale, stated that his client denied “each and every allegation” in Cuevas’ suit.

Cuevas’ suit, filed Feb. 17, also alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil harassment. The rapper’s real name is Frazier Othel Thompson III.

“This case arises from a long history of aggressive behavior, physical abuse, emotional abuse and harassment by the father of Ms. Cuevas’ daughter,” the suit stated.

In January, Thompson ”orchestrated an elaborate Instagram story to defame and harass Cuevas” by misleading his followers and accusing Cuevas of keeping their daughter from seeing him, the suit stated.

“This was not true,” the suit stated. “The videos posted are full of lies. The entire production was a scam, an elaborate scheme to make himself a victim and Cuevas a villain.”

Thompson’s comments included, “Send her to jail” and called for her to be held in contempt, the suit stated.

Thompson’s latest album title is a play on his stage name as well as the child’s name, according to the suit.

“Thus, it should not come as a surprise that Thompson would attempt to start a public campaign of lies and deception against Cuevas to gain public support,” the suit stated.

Thompson’s fans have since threatened Cuevas’ life, the suit alleged. While all of his other social media posts get very little engagement, Thompson’s attacks on Cuevas have drawn five to six times the number of responses, according to the suit.

“The false and misleading attacks are intentionally designed to stir up anger against Cuevas,” the suit alleged.

In addition to his music career, the Houston-born Thompson, 41, is the founder of Angel by Nature, a charity aimed at helping the impoverished youth of Texas. “Trae Day” is celebrated every year on July 22 in Houston.

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