Anaheim police warned residents Wednesday about a phone scam in which the caller purports to be the chief of police.

A woman told police Tuesday she had received a call from someone falsely claiming to be Chief Raul Quezada and directing her to contact the “Bureau of Consumer Regulatory Affairs,” Anaheim police Lt. Eric Trapp said.

Investigators suspect the caller was trying to fleece the woman out of money, but she cut the conversation short and went to the police station to report the incident, Trapp said.

A similar scam was noted in Orange County last month when a caller falsely claimed to be Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock, a spokesman for the department who is frequently quoted in news stories. A couple of victims gave the thieves about $500 to $800.

Santa Ana residents have reported a similar scam with a caller claiming to be holding a warrant for their arrest for failing to report for jury duty or unpaid parking tickets. The victim is typically instructed to buy a pre-paid money card and call back with the identifying number of the card.

Residents were warned that police officials would never call someone demanding money and to be wary of anyone seeking personal information such as a Social Security number, Trapp said.

City News Service

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