Photo by Alexander Nguyen
Photo by Alexander Nguyen

A shirtless transient was arrested for allegedly trying to climb into animal exhibits at the Santa Ana Zoo while high on methamphetamine and claiming to be Tarzan, police said Wednesday.

John William Rodenborn, 37, was arrested Tuesday while attempting to get into the bird and monkey exhibits, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

Police were called at 10:37 a.m. Tuesday about a shirtless man plastered in mud “climbing into trees and attempting to get into the exhibits,” Bertagna said.

A zookeeper called 911 when he saw the man had climbed up about 20 feet in a tree at the bird exhibit, Bertagna said.

“He directed his people to keep the patrons away from the individual because he didn’t know what the issue was,” Bertagna said. “The suspect was claiming he was Tarzan.”

The suspect then tried to crawl into a monkey exhibit, Bertagna said.

By the time police arrived the man had fled, but he was taken into custody a short time later.

Rodenborn was arrested July 26 on suspicion of being under the influence of narcotics but was released from jail the next day, according to Orange County jail records.

—City News Service

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