Photo via Pixabay
Photo via Pixabay

Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials Tuesday touted drought-inspired changes at the Theo Lacy Jail that they say can save up to 775,000 gallons of water a month.

Officials are testing low-flow toilets at the jail, which has 1,186 toilets for inmates and staff. The toilets use three gallons of water per flush, but the low-flow kits can cut that nearly in half, officials say.

The jail’s 227 showers and 1,131 sinks all now have shut-off valves, too. Inmates use timers for showers.

Officials also replaced about 2,500 square feet of grass with decomposed granite, which they say needs no maintenance. The granite also means there’s no more need for 40 sprinkler heads.

The 775,000 gallons saved each month is about the amount of drinking water consumed by 50,000 people daily, officials say.

— City News Service

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